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Connecticut Carpenters Local #24 proudly represents some of the most highly trained and hardest working men and women in the Nutmeg State. We strive to make a positive difference not only in the lives of our members but also in the communities where we reside and work. We are a 100% voluntary union that believes a living wage & good working conditions benefit everyone by strengthening the middle class which, in turns, helps to keep our local and national economies prosperous.






Was held on June 7, 2017. Local 24 would like to thank all of our Members who have participated in the UPP Program and to congratulate the following winners:
Bose Head Sets:
John Jankowski
Curt Manser
Amazon Echo:
Frank Scalo
Roger Young
Shane Henry
$250.00 Stub Hub Card:
Charles Ramsey
55" Flat Screen TV:
Gavin Broccoli
Sandals Resort Vacation:
Mike Terry

Will be held at Apprenticeship & Training 500 Main Str., Yalesville, CT. This is a 6 day class. Participants must attend all 6 days to complete this training. Please call Sandi Mizenko to sign up for this class 203-284-1362.

June 13   5:30 pm – 9:30  pm

June 15   5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

June 17   7:00 am – 3:30 pm

June 20   5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

June 22   5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

June 24   7:00 am – 3:30 pm


Please Read Carefully:

Work for this outage is expected to begin in mid-June and run through mid-November.

If you were in the last outage
your name has already been added to the list for the upcoming outage. You need do nothing at this time. All people who were in the last outage will be contacted first. If you do not wish to go to Millstone please send an email to stating so and your name will be removed.

If you were not in the last outage but wish to be put on the list for this one including Out of State Travelers please be advised that you must be able to pass a rigorous background check, drug screening process, and tests designed for working in a nuclear facility.

To get on this list please DO NOT call the Hall. Instead, copy/paste the following into the body of an email with the Subject Line "Millstone Outage" and send to
1-Your Full Name (no nicknames)
2- Your Union ID#
3-Your Date of Birth
4- Your Gender
5-Your Street Address (no PO boxes)
6- Your Primary Phone#
7- Your Social Security#
8-The last nuclear facility you worked in and when (if applicable)
9- Whether or not you have ever worked at Millstone

Upon receipt of your email you will be added to the list and you will receive a confirmation email. You will be contacted a second time when we have a start date for you.

Are currently being scheduled in the New London and Yalesville Halls. If you're interested in attending please contact Tim Sullivan ( for more information.



The collapse in the financial market is finally behind us. We are currently securing jobs throughout the state and we are on the right track to putting our members back to work.  Representatives and Officers of the Carpenters Union are working hard campaigning to be a positive force for economic change in America and we still need your help. As a union member, you have a voice and the ability to make a difference in your trade as well as in your local communities. The Union Participation Program (UPP) has proven to be successful in getting our members involved. It’s been great to see such a presence at so many events across the state, and it is making a difference!  Please continue to let your voice be heard and stay active. Stay involved! 

Being a union member not only enables you to make a decent wage and provide important benefits for yourself and your family, such as medical care and a comfortable retirement, but it also ensures your human right to work with dignity and respect. Representatives of the Carpenters Union are trained to represent you and protect your rights, your health and your safety on the job.

The Carpenters Union encourages all members to be masters of their crafts. As such, all of our valued members are able to consistently renew and enhance their skills through the apprentice training program and journeyman upgrading classes.

We encourage you to get involved with your local union, attend meetings and get to know your union representatives, so that you can play an active role in moving our country forward.


Connecticut Carpenters Local 24 encompasses much of Southeastern, Central, and Western Connecticut. Click Here to see our complete listing of towns. Please feel free to Contact Us at any time.

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