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Members of Local 24 who love to ride have formed their own pack, Local 24 Riders, and gladly participate in many charity events. If you're sponsoring an area motorcycle event and would like to invite us please email Bill Callahan with the following information:

The name of your organization/charity
Date/time/place of event
Participation charge (if any)
Phone number where we can reach you if we have any questions.

Would you like to join us? All Local 24 Members are welcome to sign up and join with us to help organize and/or participate in rides/runs for local events and charity functions. Please contact either the New London or Yalesville Halls for more information. You may also send Bill Callahan an email Please include your name, Union #, and a phone number where we can reach you.

We Would Like to Invite You to View Images from Our Latest Rides

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